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Students who attend Learn4Life partner schools are all taught individually in a one-on-one setting, on a personalized track to graduation. No two students are alike, and their learning plans are created accordingly. Each student is educated in the way that works best for them, not what is easiest for the teacher.


Our partners understand that every student is different. Each student has different learning styles, different backgrounds. The struggles and successes vary from one student to the next. We do not subscribe to the idea that ‘one size fits all.’


Teachers in our partner programs are trained to get to the core of each and every student. Find out what makes them tick. Learn their back story. Understand how each student learns. They do more than educate. They are counselors. Friends. Mentors. Role Models.


Our goal is to reach as many students as we can and help them work toward their goal of graduating high school. But it doesn’t end there. Many students are college bound. We will help them get there. Many students want to enter the workforce as soon as possible. With Career Technical Education, our partners will teach students real-world professional and technical skills to give them a jump-start on a promising future right out of high school


Many students have fallen behind in credits and just want to catch up so that they can go back to their traditional school and graduate with their friends. Our partner programs will get them on a path to catch them up as quickly as possible.


With thousands of success stories already and many more to come, our programs and partnerships are on the cutting edge of education reform. Today’s students are tomorrow’s productive citizens.