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Absolutely! Because they are non-profit and state or federally funded, students are able to participate in these programs free of charge.

Learn4Life partners service students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. You can enroll as a new student up until the day before your 20th birthday. Contact us for more information, as there are various exceptions based on state laws. 

Depending on the resource center, our partners offer two distinct programs. One is widely known as “independent study”, although we prefer to call it “personalized learning.” We also have a “home study” program partner.

INDEPENDENT STUDY: For grades 9-12 only. During this time they will check in with their supervising teacher, turn in and go over their weekly homework and take a test. Before they go home, their supervising teacher will give them another two assignments to complete at home during the next week. Students often use the independent study program as a way to catch up on credits or to graduate faster than at a traditional high school.

HOME STUDY: For all grades, K-12. Students in this program will complete assignments at home with their parents acting as the teacher. Optional on-site classes are available, too, in an effort to give students social skills and to take the burden off the parent in some of the more difficult courses. This program provides families with a certificated teacher who acts as a general supervisor (or “educational facilitator”) over each child’s progress, making sure they are meeting state standards. The teacher will also guide parents through the educational process, offering tips and tricks on how to teach the child, direction on scheduling the student’s academic day, and counseling on the best practices. Parents/students are required to meet with their teacher a minimum of once per school learning period (Generally 20 school days), but meetings often take place much more often (as assistance is needed).

It depends on how many credits you already have and how fast you can complete the work your teachers give you. Usually, students in our partner programs complete 2 credits per week, however, if your teacher feels you are doing well and are capable of doing more work then you may have the option of completing more. 

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Call (877) 360-LEARN or click here to find out which of our resource centers is closest to you.
  2. Schedule an orientation appointment.
  3. Stop by the resource center (bring a parent or guardian if you are under 18), and pick up an enrollment packet or click here to download a PDF version. Be sure to bring your current transcripts, immunization records and withdrawal slip from your previous high school.
  4. Bring your completed enrollment packet (and a parent or guardian if you are under 18) to your scheduled orientation.

Not a problem. As long as you are under the age of 20 we can get you enrolled and started in our program. All you will need is your transcripts from the last school you attended and your immunization records.

Usually you can obtain your immunization records from your most recent school that you attended. If they do not have them then you can contact your treating physician and they will give you a copy.

Generally our orientations last for only about an hour or so. During this time, each new student will be able to choose which time and day they would like to come to school every week. They will also be assigned a teacher and given their first packet of work to take home and complete.

No. We do track free/reduced lunch eligibility as required by the state, however.

No. However, most of our locations are located very close to the city’s main bus lines. Some of our centers even have a bus stop right outside the front doors!

We sure do! Learn4Life Charters are open year-round, so you can complete your schooling even faster! Many students enroll with our programs over the summer just for credit retrieval.
Yes. Our partners take pride in creating a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn in. 

Yes! Our partner programs are fully accredited by WASC. It is important to note, however, that all colleges and universities are different, so it’s important to contact an admissions counselor at your desired college to find out exactly what they require for admission. 

Of course! We have some wonderful staff on board who specialize in IEP students. For detailed information on our IEP program, please contact us directly.

Yes you can. The flexibility our programs offer make us an excellent choice for pregnant or parenting students. If you have a child and need to bring them with you on your scheduled day of class, we will make arrangements for you to be in a private room so you can tend to your child while studying and taking a test.