“I used to be really shy,” Eunice explains, “and I didn’t know how to deal with all of the drama in high school. I just wanted to focus on my work and graduate.” Then Eunice’s mom found out about Learn4Life. She thought it might be the kind of place where Eunice could work at her own pace, without getting too caught up in all of the social concerns of other students.

Eunice decided to give it a try. Her anxiety decreased, and she appreciated the extra time she had due to the flexible scheduling. But she was confronted early on with a few misconceptions. A family friend asked if Eunice was a “problem student.” She thought Learn4Life was only available for “dropouts.” That comment pushed Eunice to develop a laser focus on her educational goals: “I didn’t think it was fair to make those assumptions. So I decided to study harder and prove them wrong.”

The Power of Focus

Eunice remained steadfast in her commitment to her studies. Because of the flexible schedule at Learn4Life, she was able to attend her local community college simultaneously, completing all elective courses just in time for her high school graduation… two years early.

But Eunice didn’t stop there. Thanks to the one on one attention she received at Learn4Life, Eunice was gradually becoming more comfortable in a group setting. She went on to study international relations at UCLA, eventually landing jobs with the US Counter Terrorism unit and the White House. “Learn4Life gave me the confidence to succeed,” she explains. “I’m much more outgoing than I used to be. If I hadn’t come to Learn4Life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”