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Learn4Life works with local public schools, not against them.

Serving students that have fallen through the cracks.

Learn4Life schools give students a second chance.

More than just a school.

Learn4Life provides all students a path to graduation, especially those who have fallen behind.

Helping the students who need it most.

Learn4Life schools are all public and completely free to attend.

Tuition Free. Any student can attend.

89% of Learn4Life students are successful.

Students come to us after falling behind. Most catch up or get ahead.

Learn4Life Schools have an 89% success rate.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Learn4Life has no application process. Enroll any time.

Enroll any time. Free.

Learn4Life schools are all non profit.

Every dollar is spent serving students.

Special needs students are embraced at LearnLife.

We serve all students.

Learn4Life schools must meet very rigid accountability standards or risk being closed down.

Flexible but accountable.

Learn4Life students receive the intense personalized attention they need to succeed and thrive.

Time spent in a L4L center is focused on education.

All Learn4Life centers are operating within the law.

Our centers are approved and monitored by their authorizers.

Learn4Life schools receive the same level of state funding, per student, as traditional public schools.

We do more with less.

Learn4Life students are required to meet the same standards as students in traditional public schools.

We offer a rigorous, standards aligned curriculum.

Learn4Life students earn far more than just a diploma.

Job training, real life skills, and so much more.

Learn4Life schools are held to the same transparency standards as traditional schools.

Open and accountable.

All Learn4Life teachers are credentialed and highly qualified.

Qualified and Experienced

Personalized Learning

Our Programs

We offer more than a diploma. We give our students an array of programs that help them engage more fully in their academic work, as well as exposing them to exciting opportunities to further develop courage, resiliency and important life skills.

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