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Latino Initiative for Growth & Advocacy (LIGA)

IGA’s Vision

Our Purpose… to raise awareness about Latino multiculturalism, importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion.

Our Mission… to positively impact and empower students, staff and administrators by cultivating an environment of Latino/a cultural identity, acceptance, and support.

Our Actions… to promote a welcoming, respectful and inclusive initiative that encourages understanding and appreciation of diversity. Offer initiatives such as resource groups, mentorship programs, recognition events, mapping out advancement opportunities, and Latino Curriculum development.


LIGA’s Task Forces

The purpose of our task forces is to promote open-mindedness, respect, equal opportunity for staff and students, promote a broad understanding and appreciation of diversity, and create an atmosphere that celebrates diversity.  Current Task Forces and their Chair:

Educational Series – Yezica Fisher, Chair

Monthly Webinars – Ricardo Rojas, Chair

Student Mentorship – Vacant

Parent Engagement – Lorena Galaviz, Chair

Events & Celebrations – Francia Peña, Chair


LIGA’s Meetings and Events

Our initial LIGA Members meeting occurred on Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2021.  Our goal is to meet as a group every two months.

Our first event took place on Oct 4 and 11, 2021, in celebration of National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month where we had a panel of inspirational Guest Speakers, history, music and games! See our library for more information on this event and others!


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Student Stories

Student Success Stories

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