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About Us

Walk in to a Learn4Life resource center, and you will feel the difference. No bells, no class clowns, and no drama. We focus on providing a safe educational environment, so that students can focus on their studies. Our students love the quiet, one-on-one attention they receive from their teacher mentors. With resource centers located throughout California, thousands of students have chosen to succeed with Learn4Life.


All schools in the Learn4Life Network qualify under the Alternative Schools Accountability Model. This means we adhere to a different accountability model than traditional schools.

What Makes Us Different

Our students are what make us different. Students come to Learn4Life for a variety of reasons, with some facing extraordinary obstacles and challenges. And every day, we witness these students breakthrough those obstacles, find their voice, and set their sights on a better future. It happens every day at Learn4Life, and it can happen for you.

Job Training/Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Partnerships

Learn4Life, through our exclusive Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Partnerships, is dedicated to bringing our students the essential skills needed to discover success in a variety of career paths. We have partnered with universities, vocational schools, trade organizations, and industry leaders to develop exclusive training opportunities for our students. Our centers continue to expand our career-based course offerings, allowing students to earn credit while investigating a potential new career.