Learn4Life’s network of nonprofit schools have been changing stories since 2001. Thousands of students earn their diploma each year, and thousands more catch up on credits and return to their original school. We are tireless advocates for all students, making sure that earning a high school diploma is within reach to every child, regardless of their circumstances.

We serve a diverse population of students, most of them looking for a second chance at a quality education. It’s important to keep the student population in mind when looking at our data.

4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate vs. 1-Year Cohort Graduation Rate


1-year Cohort Graduation Rate


Success Rate

All Learn4Life network schools qualify under the Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) school model. As a DASS or alternative model school that serves largely at-risk students, we are measured differently than traditional schools. Our success is measured on a 1-year (versus 4-year) cohort graduation rate, which means we are evaluated on the number of students who graduate within one year of becoming high school seniors.

Here’s a snapshot of the students who enroll at our school and you can see why our measurements are different:


  • Only 18% of the students who enroll in our schools are on track to graduate when they start with us.
  • The average student enrolls with us nearly a year behind in credits…
  • And has been out of school for more than 200 days.


Still, our program is successful! We start with “18% on track at enrollment” and turn that into a 29% “on time” graduation rate.

The fact is - Our program works.

  • We serve nearly 50,000 students each year in nearly 100 resource centers.
  • Only 18.6% of those students are “on track” when they enroll, but our 1-year cohort graduation rate is 75%!
  • The average student GPA increase is nearly 2 points!
  • We have an 89% success rate!

Our Students

Learn4Life students at a glance:

  • 60% are ineligible for enrollment in traditional school because they are 17 ½ or older.
  • More than 2,500 are pregnant or teen parents. Nearly 75% of teen moms do not graduate from high school.
  • 87% of our students are minorities and often economically disadvantaged.
  • Thousands are English Language Learners.
  • 16% receive special education services.
  • 10% are homeless, foster or migrant students and benefit from Learn4Life’s trauma-informed model.

Every dropout who earns their diploma is:

  • 6X more likely to vote
  • 26% less likely to be unemployed
  • 8X less likely to be incarcerated

We transform communities. Since 2001, we’ve had a $5.3 Billion net impact on the economy:

  • $1.7 billion saved in social services such as law enforcement and other social impacts. Graduates commit fewer crimes and need fewer social services than dropouts
  • $3.6 billion created in tax revenue from higher earning grads. Graduates earn more money, pay more taxes, and spend more in the community.


total students served since 2001


success rate


of students continue on to post-secondary education

$5.3 Billion

net positive impact on the economy since 2001

Instead of creating a lifelong drain on public resources, the thousands of dropouts we save go on to become productive, contributing members of society. These graduates are on track to break the generational chain of poverty, many as the first in their families to graduate high school.

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