Girls Empowerment Workshops at Learn4Life teach girls they are valuable and have a voice

LANCASTER, Calif. (January 24, 2019) – During National Mentoring Month, Learn4Life is highlighting its Girls Empowerment Workshops, which help high school girls gain confidence and self-respect during a time when it is often shattered.  

“We believe it is essential to teach our girls to be strong, self-assured young women who know they are worthy of pursuing their dreams,” said Corrine Manley, who oversees the program at Learn4Life.

Learn4Life works with at-risk students to help them earn a diploma and get job training for free.  Plus they have counselors and mentors who help them learn important life skills. “The Empowerment Workshops provide a safe, girl-only environment where they can discuss their concerns about topics that they may be uncomfortable talking about with family or even friends,” Manley explained. The girls are empowered with tools and practiced skills so they will make positive choices and educated decisions throughout their lives.

Subjects include social media, media literacy, body image, eating disorders, sex education, sexual assault awareness and prevention, sexual exploitation of children and teens, anxiety, depression, self-injury and suicide, racism and financial literacy. The girls learn respect for themselves and how to develop healthy relationships.

Tobi Jo Greene, author and founder of The Girls Empowerment Workshop, has trained and equipped the Learn4Life staff to run the workshops and expand them to more schools.  Greene has 20+ years’ experience in sexual assault counseling and advocacy, comprehensive sexual health education. She has helped thousands of girls make the transition to womanhood with the confidence to succeed.

“Many of our students don’t have a strong female role model in their life,” Manley pointed out. “We’re here to fill that gap by giving them information and resources along with the tools to use what they learn to become confident, happy young women.”



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