SAN DIEGO (January 9, 2024) – What is the one thing above all others that determines how successful a student will be in high school? Study after study shows that it is parental involvement. Students with supportive parents are 81 percent more likely to graduate, 44 percent more likely to attend post-secondary education, and they earn higher grades and miss fewer days of school.1,2

The teachers and school counselors at Learn4Life, a network of 80+ public high schools, take a holistic approach with students and their parents.

“High school work is harder than in middle school and there is added pressure of test scores, planning for college or trade school and the social aspects of becoming an adult,” said Lindsay Reese, area superintendent at Learn4Life. “Too often, parents of high schoolers don’t really know how their child is doing academically and emotionally.”

Reese said that Learn4Life creates an individual learning plan for all its students and includes parents in decisions about their child’s education. She offers six New Year’s resolutions for parents of teens:

  •  Find out what type of learner your child is. Visual? Auditory? Do they flourish in a group setting or prefer to work alone? Some students feel lost in big classrooms and progress much faster when they receive a personalized learning plan. Reese says this model is ideal when a student is strong in one subject but may need extra help in another.
  • Get involved. Meet your student’s teachers, join the PTA and talk to your child about their classes and how they’re doing. Just knowing that you care about their schoolwork can reap positive benefits.
  • Don’t get too involved. Helicopter parents who attempt to do everything for their children stunt their educational and emotional growth. Having unrealistically high expectations can have the opposite effect and the student may feel they’ll never be good enough.
  • Teach them life skills. They may not be getting this from their school, so work with them on things like financial literacy, effective communication, time management, problem-solving and goal setting.
  • Make sure their physical needs are met – sleep, nutrition and exercise. Lead by example and create a healthy home environment.
  • Foster a love of learning. Encourage reading for fun, watching documentaries, visiting museums, discussing the history of your town and notable individuals. Explore new places as a family.

Reese adds that it is the teamwork of teachers, tutors, school counselors and parents to create the best possible learning environment. “It’s especially important after the learning loss most students experienced during the pandemic.”

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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