Live Well San Diego has selected Learn4Life Charter High Schools to join its exclusive network of community partners as an education provider. Live Well San Diego is a vision for a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely, and Thriving, and unites organizations that understand how to work together to address the diverse needs of our youth. From education to community development, they are dedicated to creating opportunities and fostering positive change.

For 15 years, Learn4Life has served more than 25,000 San Diego students and families through trauma-resilient education and wraparound community support. With Learn4Life’s personalized learning program, students have flexible schedules, one-on-one support and job skills training, allowing more than 6,000 students who might not have ever graduated to achieve a high school diploma.

Learn4Life Student Profile:

  • 39% are English learners / reclassified fluent English proficient
  • 86% are socio-economically disadvantaged
  • 18% are students with disabilities
  • 21% are the first in their families to graduate from high school

The program is infused with trauma-resilient practices to help students overcome obstacles in the way of their high school education.

  • Personalized Learning – Lessons are built around the skills, talents and learning style of the individual student.
  • One-on-One Attention – Students are paired with a supervising teacher with support from tutors, counselors and administrative staff.
  • Flexibility – Responsibilities can make a regular school day impossible so Learn4Life works with students’ schedules to encourage school completion.
  • Safe Environment – Campuses have controlled access and security monitoring so the focus can be on learning.
  • Workforce Training – Corporate partnerships and job readiness programs prepare students for the real world while filling the need for a skilled workforce.

Learn4Life is successful with 88% of students, either helping them graduate, catch up on credits or continue their high school education in pursuit of a diploma. And 41% of Learn4Life graduates go on to college.

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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