Every year, 25,000 teens give birth in California – and 70 percent of teen moms don’t graduate high school. About 1,300 of Learn4Life students are pregnant or parenting, so we are doing everything we can to keep these young mothers engaged in school and learning parenting skills – even during remote learning.


Before COVID-19 forced remote learning, parenting teens could bring their babies to school while they studied and took tests. A separate child-friendly area ensured they didn’t disrupt other students. It was their safe place to study and meet other teen moms with the same issues. Diapers, formula and other essentials were available.


Remote learning can be isolating and frustrating. These new moms are reluctant to go out for supplies and risk infecting their babies. Shortages of diapers, formula and wipes add to the challenges. They are adjusting to a new schedule and trying to keep up with their studies.


Their teachers are keeping them on track with studies, and we created an online support group so they can chat with other teen mothers on topics about childcare and coping during COVID-19.


Many of our community partners have been so generous with donations of baby supplies:


  • UPS donated $5,000 to purchase diapers, formula and other needs
  • HelloBello donated 900 diapers
  • Baby2Baby provided 408 packs of wipes, 130 shampoo and soap, 200 cans of formula and 10,470 diapers (around 350 packs of various sizes)
  • A family donation of $20,000 continued to provide needed supplies to teen parents and their babies
  • Learn4Life teachers have made more than 500 doorstep deliveries of diapers and other supplies


A big thank you to all for the above-and-beyond support to our students!

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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