From left are Eunetra Rutledge, Learn4Life; Dexter Mcleod, CEO of LA South Chamber of Commerce; Adam Ramirez, principal; Lottie Cleveland, board member of LA South Chamber of Commerce; Julie Parra, Area Superintendent; Reginald Fields, case manager for Watts Labor Community Action Committee; and Arnie Corlin, Peelian Consulting and Member of LA South Chamber of Commerce. (Courtesy photo)

Families in Watts will have more access to personalized and flexible education options with the expansion of Learn4Life Alta Vista Innovation High School to a new, larger facility. Located at 10221 Compton Avenue, only three minutes from the previous site, Alta Vista Innovation has quadrupled in size to accommodate more students, on-site resources, career readiness programs and community partnerships.

Alta Vista Innovation offers a personalized learning model based on an individual student’s needs, talents and goals. The school provides one-on-one instruction, tutoring, and other social and emotional supports to ensure student success. Students can control their school schedule to allow them to earn credits toward graduation while balancing work or taking care of family members. Free tutoring, mentoring and connections to community resources are available to every student.

“All students have unique learning needs and deserve a stimulating educational experience where they can grow mentally, physically, emotionally and socially,” said Area Superintendent Julie Parra. “When given the right resources and support to learn in ways that are meaningful to them, students thrive, and we are happy to expand that opportunity in Watts.”

With the move, Alta Vista Innovation has launched a new program to support parenting students called HOPE (Helping Our Parenting-students Excel). Students can bring their children to school and study alongside them to learn life skills, child development, health, food and nutrition and financial planning – all while working toward a high school diploma. HOPE connects Alta Vista Innovation’s parenting students with community resources to provide free supplies and gear such as baby formula, diapers, strollers and more.

Students receive job skills training, career readiness, counseling, internships and economic opportunities through WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) partnerships with Yo! Watts (Youth Opportunity Center Los Angeles), HACLA (The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles) and Watts Labor Community Action Committee.

These partnerships provide Alta Vista Innovation students hands-on training and events that will help them develop the tools and skills necessary to achieve employment. All Alta Vista Innovation students must complete a Professional Skills course where they learn job readiness skills, develop a resume and cover letter, and take part in mock interviews.

Alta Vista Innovation High School is open to all students and is free of charge. Students can enroll anytime throughout the year. For more information, please visit

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