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Nevaeh Beat the Odds and Earned a Scholarship to UCLA

Nevaeh D. always got good grades and had goals of higher education, so it’s no surprise she is headed to a leading college this fall with a full scholarship. But this path to a degree and a fulfilling career could have easily been derailed 2 1/2 years ago when, as a high school sophomore, she […]

Written by on April 26, 2023

Sketching a Future: How a Fresno Student Used Art to Get Back on Track

High schools everywhere are searching for all the students who didn’t return after the pandemic. And for those who have come back, keeping them engaged and on a path to graduation is paramount. Learn4Life, a network of public high schools, offers personalized instruction which includes robust art programs to get kids excited about school. For […]

Written by on March 22, 2023

Career Technical Education Gives High School Entrepreneurs a Jump Start on Success

LOS ANGELES (February 16, 2023) – While occasionally working for his father’s landscaping business, high school student Hector D. realized that protection against sharp tools, thorny shrubs, biting insects and brutal heat could be improved with better gear. He had the idea for a technical vest that would protect workers that he is calling Arbolero […]

Written by on February 15, 2023

America Needs School Counselors Now More Than Ever

What was once a role focused on getting students out the classroom and into careers, school counselors are now responsible for so much more. They must focus on the mental health, behavioral health, emotional wellbeing and psychosocial development of the students they serve. High-profile headlines of mass shootings, unjustified brutality, fentanyl overdoses and hate speech […]

Written by on February 3, 2023

Honoring National Special Education Day with Tips for Parents

LOS ANGELES (November 29, 2022) – Being the parent of a child with special needs can be tough. It can lead to a lot of questioning, even in your own abilities. But parents are not alone! There are plenty of things parents can do to make sure their child gets the most out of education. […]

Written by on November 29, 2022

Dropout Prevention Month: A Parent’s Playbook for Keeping Kids in School

The transition to high school from junior high was challenging for Serina V. The schoolwork became more demanding, and she found it hard to get extra help. “Everything got harder and nobody tried to understand where I needed the help. Everyone just wanted to get through the class,” said Serina, age 17, who was on […]

Written by on October 19, 2022

Teens Can Earn While They Learn Thanks to WIOA Programs in Their High Schools

Learn4Life student Aaliyah M. speaks to the public as a brand ambassador in a paid internship with WIOA program partner Access, Inc.   When students are given the opportunity to learn something they can apply in real life, they are more engaged in school and perform better academically[1]. This is one reason why Learn4Life, a […]

Written by on September 19, 2022